There's a few hundred Durham Region bakeries, cupcake shops and independent buzz word 'artisans' in under a 10 block radius.

What makes Cupcakes & Studmuffins special?


We’re all encompassing

People come in all shapes and sizes and so do our treats. We are the only GTA bakers we know preparing full-size, mini AND micro-sized treats. Now you can do your burpees and eat your micros, too (or chill with Netflix and a big fatty…cupcake).


We go both ways 

Our everyday style isn't ultra feminine for a reason. Dessert- and cupcakes in particular- isn’t a 'women's only' phenomenon (thanks, Sex and the City). Dessert is a euphoric experience to be enjoyed by males, females and those who don't identify.  We’ve even started treating your animals (we thought they were your children, dressed up in their jackets and shoes).


We’re always working it

Innovation is our speciality. We know dessert fads come and go. And we’ll be right there in the thick of it when they come.


We can take it- but we can also dish it

Our product names are dirty, romantic, relationship innuendos- because our people want to have a dirty, romantic relationship with your mouth. If it isn't creative, it doesn't make the menu. That's entertainment value.


We’ll be the best you ever had

Most importantly, our product is amazing AF. We use real ingredients. We’re talking real Valrhona/Callebaut chocolate, real vanilla bean and real fillings (jams, custards, etc.) that we make with our bare hands. We don’t cut corners. Except to give you perfectly on time deliveries.


Enough chitchat.

What's your type?

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