We don't want to brag, because bragging isn't the point of this. We watch 'unnamed' shows too, where some (not all, we won't generalize) rich people waive their cheque books at charities just to be seen- and yeah, it's annoying. We don't do it for any other reason than we care- and we made this page to let you to know who you're supporting when you give us the privilege of baking for you.

When you buy bakery items...

You're supporting the Breakfast Club of Canada. For every double dirty dozen sold (or monetary equivalent on any item), we donate $1.

Why this particular charity?

$1 gives a child a breakfast in the morning who would have otherwise gone hungry. It's a great fit for us, as it's tough to know kids aren't eating in the a.m. when you're the bakers of muffins and other things that could constitute as breakfast (donuts?!).

When you buy our dog treats...

You're supporting The Farley Foundation. 10% of each bag sold is donated.

Why this particular charity?

The Farley Foundation helps subsidize the cost of veterinary care for low income families. Having recently lost a pet (Tango...hence Tango's Barkery) to veterinary malpractice with astronomical bills to boot (+$3000), we know first hand that there's nothing you wouldn't do to try and save your pet- all some families need is the means.

Looking for product donations for an event? Think you're a good fit? Give us a shout!

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