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Ordering is now open for the remainder of 2021.

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Vanilla         Chocolate          Funfetti        Red Velvet     



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cherry bakewell.png
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        Blackforest    Cherry Bakewell*     S'mores        Oreo Cookie Dough     


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                                    Linzer Cookie*     Pina Colada      Strawberry Tart      Milk & Cookies          

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             Vegan Chocolate     Cinnamon Bun 


     Wunderbar*           Pumpkin Spice          


Choose two basic flavours or one specialty flavour PER dozen.

All Cupcakes & Studmuffins products may contain nuts, traces of nuts or other allergens (*=definite nuts).

Dozen (12) Cupcakes

Basic $39

Specialty $48

2 Dozen (24) Cupcakes

Basic $76

Specialty $95

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Your choice of cupcake flavour with the addition of sprinkles, macarons and sugar cookies. Choose initial or age and colour scheme or theme. Single digit/initial cupcake cakes are generally 12-14 cupcakes and start at $115, while double digit cupcake cakes are generally 20-24 cupcakes and begin at $140. 

Screen Shot 2021-03-16 at 4.17.11 PM.png

Decorated sugar cookies

*Minimum of a dozen – price reflects intricacy of design (generally $5-6 each)

Vanilla or chocolate cookies with royal icing designs

Choose 'happy birthday,' 'I am so glad I swiped right,' or whatever you'd like your donut message to read! Donuts can be made to fit a colour scheme or theme. All donuts are raised, yeast donuts that are fried and glazed. Price reflects # of letters and intricacy of design.

*Available Saturday and Sundays only on a trial basis with the exception of these dates (as a 'holiday' themed sugar cube will be prioritized on these dates): 

April 3-4, May 8-9, June 19-20, October 9-10, December 25-26


The new birthday cube is my response to small gatherings that don't quite call for big cakes. It offers something for everyone in the family so not everyone has to partake in the same slice of cake. It also makes a great gift. These boxes are a colourful collection of the following:


  • 2x cupcakes (1x cookies and cream/ 1x cake batter funfetti)

  • 2x cake pop ice cream cones

  • 2x birthday cake macarons

  • 2x mini brownie squares 

  • 2x birthday themed sugar cookies

  • 2x teddy hot chocolate bombs

  • 1x candle to make a wish

  • +some candy!