Product Description  

When you've got three good options and nothing's gotta give.

We stacked double layers of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry cake and separated them respectively with vanilla, chocolate and strawberry buttercream.


Like a Neapolitan sundae, this naked (or partially naked) bad boy is topped with chocolate ganache, sprinkles, whipped cream, rolled waffers, waffer crisps and Cadbury Flake bar.

Sizing & Pricing

6" (8-10 servings) $70

8" (15-20 servings) $90

Please note this cake is six layers high, so slices are best served thin.

Care Instructions


This cake tastes best at room temperature. If serving the cake on the day that you pick it up/it is delivered (recommended), keep it out of direct sunlight in a cool area. Placing your cake in the fridge can cause the cake and icing to dry out and/or harden. We do not recommend freezing ANYTHING. If you must refrigerate your cake (house is too sunny/warm for the buttercream), removing it one hour prior to serving will ensure soft cake and creamy buttercream.

Our cakes are made without artificial preservatives. We recommend eating them on the day of purchase to enjoy them at their best (just you try and resist them longer than the car ride home).

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