Are you nut/ allergen free?

No, we're nutty. We're known to use peanuts, walnuts, almonds, pistachios and coconut religiously (this also goes for other allergens such as wheat and dairy). While we can make recipes without these things, there's always a risk of traces.

Do you offer vegan cupcakes?

Yes, we can. There’s an additional fee, though. Special cupcakes call for special measures.

Sugar free?

If we have to.

How long will my Cupcakes & Studmuffins stay fresh?

Our treats are made without artificial preservatives. We recommend eating them on the day of purchase to enjoy them at their best (just you try and resist them longer than the car ride home). If there is an event or you're treating a client and you have to pick your treats up a day early, that's OK too - just put our stunners in something airtight.

In the (unlikely) event that you have left overs, they’ll stay fresh for 3- 4 days in said airtight container.

With the exception of our cream cheese icing and curd-infused desserts, please store cupcakes at room temperature. Placing them in the fridge can cause the cake and icing to dry out. We do not recommend freezing ANYTHING. Buttercream cakes can go in the fridge. They have a nice layer of airtight frosting- just take them out an hour before serving so the buttercream can soften.

Why are your cakes more expensive than Wal-Mart or Costco?

Our cakes aren't massed produced, nor are they ever frozen. We bake every order fresh, using the best-possible ingredients- like Madagascan vanilla beans and Belgian chocolate. We also pump our heart and soul into their artistry- and one cake could take over 10 hours to make depending on the design from initial batter prep to final decoration. Do you ever complain to your masseuse when you hand them $100+ for only an hour's worth of work? ;)

Do you have a store?

Nope. We are a to-order only, home based business located in Bowmanville, Ontario. The more online/telephone orders you make (and the more you support us at food shows), the faster we'll be in a neighbourhood near you. We're growing organically as a business. Brick by brick, the way all dreamers do it.

How far in advance should I order?

To ensure we have your date, currently 1-2 months is usually best for custom cakes. Smaller items like cupcakes, cookies, etc. may be possible in a shorter window, reach out!

Can I order as many flavours of cupcakes as I like?

Generally the rule is 12 treats per specialty flavour. Sometimes we allow more if two of your flavours are something basic- like chocolate and vanilla.

Your treats are delicious.

Is that a question?

Can Cupcakes & Studmuffins donate to my charity?

We've set a goal to be able to support one charity with a product donation per month, visit our contact page to make your request. As for monetary donations, we have currently selected the Breakfast Club of Canada as it's hard to see kids go hungry in the morning when you're the bakers of muffins. If you've visited our 'Tango's Barkery' page, you'll also know that we support the Farley Foundation.

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